About the Park

Forest Hill was the summer  home of John D. Rockefeller Sr. They moved into their home at the top of Sled Hill (shown below). 

The Rockefellers spent summers in this house.  In 1917 the house mysteriously burned down.  By then the family had permanently moved to New York State.

In the 1930’s John D. Rockefeller donated 235 acres of their property to two cities (East Cleveland and Cleveland Heights) as a park. 2/3 of the land was donated to East Cleveland and 1/3 to leveland Heights.  As part of the gift, John D Jr. hired renowned landscape architect A. D. Taylor to design a park  was intended to  be a Midwestern version of  New York’s Central Park. A. D. Taylor’s work resulted in the park we now call Forest Hill Park.

Today, the East Cleveland portion of the park is essentially untouched with many of the original historic features intact including Rockefeller’s carriage roads and footpaths, several service buildings, a lake, great meadow and original landscape features.